• Sisyphus Brewing (map)
  • 712 Ontario Ave W #100
  • Minneapolis, MN 55403
  • United States

Stand-up Comedians + Scientists + Beer = Stand-up Science

Comedian and science podcaster Shane Mauss presents a show that combines some of the best insights from interviewing 200 scientists to explore our behaviors, traits, and search for meaning. Joining him will be performances/talks from local professors and stand-ups in a show that is equal parts ahas and hahas.

Funnier and edgier than a TED Talk and smarter than traditional stand-up, Stand-up Science combines the best elements of these two worlds PLUS Q&As where you the audience get to be involved!

Stand-up comedy sometimes caters to the lowest common denominator and doesn’t respect the intellect of the audience.  Science can sometimes come off as intimidating or unrelatable.  Stand-up Science is a show that is thought-provoking yet accessible.  Not only will you leave feeling smarter after a night of laughs, but you’ll have take-aways to foster more stimulating conversations at home, work and in your social and dating lives.

Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door.