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Stand-up Comedians + Scientists = Stand Up Science

Award-winning stand-up comedian and science podcast host Shane Mauss presents Stand Up Science!

Learn and laugh as local scientists, comedians and other special guests join Shane to bring you an unforgettable 2 hour show that is equal parts ahas and hahas

Stand-up comedy and science have a lot in common. They both reveal truth, change our perceptions, and challenge the status quo. So why are they so underappreciated? Admittedly, comedy sometimes underestimates the intelligence of their audience, catering to the lowest common denominator. And science has the stigma of being overly complicated, unrelatable or boring. Until now.

Funnier and more provocative than TED Talks, while smarter than traditional stand-up comedy, Stand Up Science combines the best of both worlds. This thought-provoking night of laughs will leave you a little smarter, a little happier and send you home with plenty of fuel for your own conversations.

What to Expect:
As your host, Shane kicks the evening off with some of his best material on brainy topics, before introducing special guest speakers and performers. Guests range from Ivy League professors presenting groundbreaking academic research to local stand-up comedians delivering their most cerebral material.

At the end of the night, Shane brings all the guests back onstage and opens the floor for a Q&A and interactive discussion with the audience.

About the host and origins of Stand Up Science:
Shane Mauss leads two lives.
In one life, he tours full-time as a stand-up comedian. Shane has brought his unique blend of absurdist humor, thoughtful insights and storytelling to cities all over the world, as well as TV spots on Conan, Kimmel, Comedy Central, Showtime, BBC, Epix and more.

In his other life as the host of the podcast Here We Are, he’s interviewed over 200 of the world’s leading academic experts about our most fascinating traits and behaviors while finding the funny in the innermost workings of life. Each week Shane illuminates a new area of research for the show’s 50,000 loyal listeners, earning a 5-star rating on iTunes.

Shane’s unique background, comedy, and personal philosophies have also made him a popular guest on other top podcasts like Pete Holmes’ You Made It Weird, Marc Maron’s WTF, The Joe Rogan Experience, Duncan Trussell’s Family Hour, Bertcast and more.


Marian Logrip
Marian Logrip is an assistant professor of Addiction Neuroscience in the IUPUI Department of Psychology and a member of the Stark Neurosciences Research Institute. She received her Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCSF and completed postdoctoral training in the neurobiology of addiction at The Scripps Research Institute. Marian uses rodent models to investigate neural factors responsible for the differential susceptibility of males and females to mental illness, with the hope of uncovering improved treatment options for both sexes. Her research currently examines long-term changes in neurons caused by stress, particularly focusing on changes that differ in male and female brains, as well as determining how these adaptations contribute to the development of behaviors like anxiety, depression and binge drinking.

Nipun Chopra
Nipun Chopra is a post-doctoral researcher studying traumatic brain injury at the Stark Neurosciences Research Institute in Indianapolis. During his doctoral training, Nipun discovered microRNA that regulate proteins implicated in the onset of Alzheimer's disease. While Nipun is not nationally recognized in terms of comedy, Nipun's ten-year old dog Octavia thinks her dad is absolutely hilarious.

Cam O'Connor
Charismatic, relatable and honest to a fault, Cam O'Connor is one of the hardest working young comedians in the Midwest. In recent years, Cam has done enough for his parents to no longer question his direction in life. In his own way, O'Connor uses his life, and shortcomings to provide crowds with an escape from their own. Cam was a finalist in both the Funniest Person in Cincinnati competition and the Bob & Tom All-Star Contest. A native of Indianapolis, IN, Cam is the creator of Rocketship Comedy, a series of stand-up showcases that have become a preferred destination for many of the most respected names in comedy. Cam recently moved back to the bosom of Indianapolis, after several years of involvement with the Legendary Go Bananas Comedy Club in Cincinnati.