The first ever Ozora festival took place in 1999 on Ozora farm in the village of Ozora, near Dádpuszta.  The festival was organized to celebrate an eclipse. At this time, the festival was not known as Ozora but was called Solipse. 

The Solipse eclipse festival was a big success so the organisers resolved to hold other festivals in the future. The first “proper” Ozora festival was held in 2004.

Ozora Festival has continued to grow each year and has now blossomed into a 30,000 strong temporary town with a weird and wonderful population drawn from all across the world. It has its own road network, water system and even a daily newspaper which is distributed for free throughout the festival.

Despite its success, the festival has stayed true to its roots. The original founder sadly passed away last year but his legacy is been continued by his sons and his original team so the spirit of Ozora will hopefully live on.

Ozora Festival resits corporate sponsorship and has kept ticket prices at a very reasonable price. It is also evident that the profits are re-invested into the festival and each year the infrastructure improves.