A Good Trip' with Shane Mauss - the 100+ City Psychedelic Comedy Tour

Comedian Shane Mauss has appeared on Conan, Jimmy Kimmel, Showtime, and has specials on both Comedy Central and Netflix, and interviews scientists for the podcast Here We Are. Now he is touring around the country on a 100+ city tour with comedy show about psychedelics. Part stand-up, part storytelling, and part Ted Talk combine for one of the most unique, informative, and funny comedy shows you will ever see.

This comedy show about psychedelics has been heard about on Marc Maron's WTF, Pete Holmes' You Made It Weird, The Duncan Trussell Family Hour, The Joe Rogan Experience, Bertcast, Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank, Cracked Podcast, Put Your Hands Together, Doug Loves Movies, and more.

Mycomeditation Psilocybin Mushroom Retreat

Modern research is proving what traditional societies knew and what we at MycoMeditations have been seeing for years: Little mushrooms can make big changes!

We have also found that the greatest immediate change is realized through subsequent dosing incorporated into a retreat setting that is focused yet flexible, as opposed to single doses used with less aim, design, and objective. We take this journey very seriously and this all factors into the positive life changes that we hope to help bring our guests.

Our treatment model incorporates traditional knowledge, modern research, and therapeutic practices. This allows clients to integrate and incorporate lasting lessons and insights gained from their psilocybin experience into daily life upon returning home.