'A Good Trip' related materials

Below are some teaser videos and several of the podcasts I did talking about my 'A Good Trip' show and tour.  You can hear me talking about (and sometimes doing) psychedelics in the podcast medium.  I also included things that I thought would make for a good preview of the show or to learn more if you have already seen it.

WTF with Marc Maron #1 (12/10/16)

This is a great episode to hear my whole background and the evolution of my career that lead to this show.



This was my first appearance on the show!


On my podcast Here We Are I spoke the founder of MAPS, Rick Doblin about his amazing life and work.

The buttons below contain a couple other MAPS episodes


This is one of the most downloaded episodes of my podcast 'Here We Are'.
We discuss psychedelics and philosophy.  

Below is an MDMA researcher episode


3rd album

My most recent album about breaking my feet is my favorite one to date.  The thematic style of it is also the most representative of my psychedelic show "A Good Trip".  This a is good way to see the way that I mix standup, stories, and science together through a theme.

It's free on Spotify

YMIW #3 9/21/16

Pete and I get into my psychedelic tour, cognitive biases, and the meanings of life

My second appearance below is one of the most popular podcasts I've ever done.


Bercast #3 (9/23/16)

Bert and I always have very genuine conversations that are all over the map in the best way.

More appearances below


Part 1 2/16/15

In one of the most epic podcasts I've ever done, I walk Ryan Singer through his first time doing DMT.  Then I smoke it as well and we discuss.


DuncaN trussell family hour #2 (9/21/16)

This is my most recent podcast as Duncan's guest.  We discuss my psychedelic tour.  Lots of science and philosophy talk. 

For my first appearance, click below


Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank #1 (3/22/16)
This episode is good if you want to hear some of my skeptical takes on things.


FOFOP #3 (9/21/16)

We talk about my journey from being a late night comic to transitioning into doing my science podcast and themed shows.

Other appearances below


I thought I would include my podcast Here We Are because it best represents what I'm most passionate about... conveying complex ideas in fun and accessible ways.  I travel the country talking with scientists about their work and the meanings of life.

If you haven't heard it, start with one of the live ones with this logo as the picture