"Shane's show is a sign of the maturation of the psychedelic community, now we can laugh at ourselves. Shane is doing incredible public education at the time of a renaissance in psychedelic research. He is giving people the courage to speak out about their experiences, both positive and negative. Plus, it's hilarious." 
-       Rick Doblin (Founder of the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies)

 Recent Reviews

Review of the show at The Bridgetown Comedy Festival

Here are two big reviews from my recent SXSW:

Vice Magazine article about the tour:

 More quotes:

"brutally funny...it’s a fantastic journey into both Mauss’ mind and the knotted-up world of drugs, legal and otherwise." – Portland Mercury

“a very fun journey indeed” – Austin Chronicle

“Mauss has clearly found a popular niche in his natural fascination with the human mind. However, attendees should be forewarned: The show is still going to kill you with laughter.” – Austin Chronicle

“As deep and fascinating as it gets, this is a gut-busting piece of stand-up comedy” –Austin Chronicle

“Ever the mind expansionist, Mauss has created A Good Trip, a psychedelic-inspired hybrid of standup, storytelling and Ted Talk that entertains and educates in equal measure.” – Westword, Best Comedy

“Mauss blends personal narrative, standup, and science to demystify and disentangle psychedelics from decades of stigma and misinformation. Whether you're "experienced" or not, the show promises to be both informative and entertaining.” –Miami New Times

“informative and entertaining” – Miami New Times, Best Things To Do

“Mauss cracks wise about the positive effects psychedelics have had on his life and career” – LA Weekly

“evocative stand-up comedy, hilarious anecdotes, and educational snippets on the theme of psychedelics” – EU Jacksonville

"Experience with a variety of comedic techniques and interactions with renown science experts have molded Mauss into a well-rounded and imaginative performer. Mauss strives to perform thematic, laugh-out- loud comedy, interjecting science in bold, innovative ways." – EU Jacksonville

“tripping the comedy fantastic” – The Daily Iowan

“Mauss is intelligent, likable and sharp, and by openly discussing psychedelics in cities like Minot, North Dakota and Norman, Oklahoma, he's helping to shift already-eroding American taboos surrounding drugs in a big way.” - VICE

https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/this-comedian- is-bringing- psychedelics-to- middle-america

"On his currently-running 80-plus city tour, A Good Trip, he's taking audiences inside the mind and experiences of a man who loves drugs and the neuroscience behind them. In the process, he's helping to normalize psychedelics for audiences who, like him, may lack dreadlocks but carry open minds toward what may be a revolutionary tool for bettering lives.” - VICE

“The show was just what I had hoped it would be. Shane delicately balanced between hilarious anecdotes about his own experiences and observations around tripping, and fact-based information about the current state of regulation of these substances. It was clear that he has a lot of personal experience and that, despite using comedy as the vehicle, he takes the subject seriously. He talked about the discovery and use of mind altering substances among ancient cultures, and the spiritual importance it holds for them. He somehow made the topic of the Federal drug scheduling system hilarious, despite its frustrating absurdity. One of the funniest moments was when Shane talked about Albert Hoffman’s accidental discovery of LSD’s psychedelic properties in 1943. About Hoffman’s decision to test the substance on himself with four times what is now considered a dose, he said, “I guess that was science in the ’40s: if they didn’t know what something did they just put it in their mouth.”

The show really hit the mark for me. As Shane says in his show, you can kill a rat with poison bought in a store but a researcher could go to prison for giving one a hit of acid in a lab. There is an amazing amount of potential for these substances. This show could be a step towards allowing more research. - ThePlaidZebra.com